Since the outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) , researchers from different countries are working together to fight this new virus. Chinese health authorities post the full genome of the 2019-nCoV in GenBank and GISAID platform in the first place to facilitate detection and research. Numerous scientific and research institutions around the world quickly involved in related work and shared their sequences, protocols, clinical experiences and other progresses promptly. The spirit of sharing and cooperation have helped us make continuous breakthroughs in analyzing the novel coronavirus's genome structure, origin, pathogenesis, and epidemiological studies. Now studies are more focused on clinical treatments, therapeutic drugs and the development of vaccines.

What can the scientific community do, and should do next?

Dr. Frank (Xiaohu) Fan
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Legend Biotech
"The scientists all over the world have made remarkable contributions to fighting against the 2019-nCoV. At the current stage, we need more research on understanding how the virus is transmitted, effective therapeutic drugs and methods, and the development of vaccines."

Share your thoughts with the scientific community too!

You're invited to write down your comments/opinions under Dr. Fan's cloud forum, share your thoughts on the following topics:

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GenScript's R&D team developed a qRT PCR detection assay based on GenBank Sequence NC_045512.2. This assay has successfully detected 2019-nCoV in positive control samples RdRP gene, N gene and E gene. For more details and contact information, please visit this page.

The plasmids containing parts of 2019-nCoV RdRP gene, N gene, E gene that can be used as positive controls for 2019-nCoV detection, and a group of plasmids carrying the encoding sequences of surface glycoprotein and nucleocapsid phosphoprotein are in stock now! The quick online order channel has been launched.

Dr. Haisheng Yu from Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, CAMS&PUMC also deposited his newly constructed plasmids on MolecularCloud to share with the scientific community! View Dr. Yu's plasmids.