User Accounts

An account on the MolecularCloud is free with complete access to all supported tools and features including the GenSmart Design Tool and the Plasmid Repository.

Accounts are upgraded from your activity on the MolecularCloud achieving ANY of the listed requirements under each Level. Account upgrades are accompanied with their benefits listed under Upgrade Benefits.

Membership Level Requirements
Basic Member
  • Registration
Cloud Scientist Cloud
  • Deposit 1 plasmid
  • Receive a total of 5 requests for your deposited plasmids
  • Order 5 plasmids from the repository
  • Do a total of 25 social activities (Comments, Likes, Favorites)
  • Share 5 digital sequences
Cloud Plus
  • Deposit 25 plasmids
  • Receive a total of 50 requests for your deposited plasmids
  • Order 50 plasmids from the repository
  • Share 25 digital sequences
Cloud Elite
  • Cloud Scientist program participant*
  • Deposit 100 plasmids
  • Receive a total of 100 requests for your deposited plasmids
  • Order 150 plasmids from the repository
  • Cite the MolecularCloud within your publication
  • Share 100 digital sequences
*Selected cloud scientist members will be eligible for a cloud elite account upgrade.

Cloud Scientist Membership and Upgrade Benefits

The Cloud Scientist program rewards and aims to promote the work and increase the global visibility of our users while making scientific research accessible to all. Open to all active researchers, membership provides participants with the promotion of their research highlighted with a featured section on our website and over social media.

Additionally, all users will be eligible for all the respective benefits listed below.

Member Cloud Cloud Plus Cloud Elite
Access to all online features (Plasmid Sharing Platform; GenSmart Design Tool; etc.)
Hosted in-person/on-site information session on the MolecularCloud and related tools
Cloud Scientist promotional campaign on the MolecularCloud homepage and Social Media
1 free plasmid order from the Repository*
Award recognizing Cloud Plus Membership
5 free plasmid orders from the Repository*
Complimentary gifts from the MolecularCloud/GenScript
Free shipping for 5 plasmid orders from the repository
Award recognizing Cloud Elite Membership
10 free plasmid orders from the Repository*
Cloud Scientist Promotional campaign extension
VIP help desk (prompt and 24-7 assistance with depositing, ordering, requests, etc.)
*This reflects the max amount of plasmid orders available to the user per year.