Jia Chen

Dr. Jia Chen received his doctoral degree in 2009 from the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since November 2014, he has been working in the School of Life Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University. Dr. Chen’s research focuses on DNA repair, gene editing and cancer development.

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School of Life Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University

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Jia Chen*, Bei Yang* and Li Yang*. To BE or not to BE, that is the question. Nat Biotechnol, 2019, doi: 10.1038/s41587-019-0119-x

Bei Yang*, Li Yang* and Jia Chen*. Development and Application of Base Editors. CRISPR J, 2019, 2: 91-104

Jianan Li#, Zhen Liu#, Shisheng Huang#, Xiao Wang, Guanglei Li, Yuting Xu, Wenxia Yu, Shanshan Chen, Yu Zhang, Hanhui Ma, Zunfu Ke, Jia Chen*, Qiang Sun* and Xingxu Huang*. Efficient base editing in G/C-rich regions to model androgen insensitivity syndrome. Cell Res, 2019, 29: 174-176

Xiao Wang#, Jianan Li#, Ying Wang#, Bei Yang#, Jia Wei#, Jing Wu, Ruixuan Wang, Xingxu Huang*, Jia Chen* and Li Yang*. Efficient base editing in methylated regions with a human APOBEC3A-Cas9 fusion. Nat Biotechnol, 2018, 36: 946-949 (Highlighted by Nicole Rusk, Better base editors. Nat Methods, 2018, 15:763)

Yanting Zeng#, Jianan Li#, Guanglei Li#, Shisheng Huang, Wenxia Yu, Yu Zhang, Dunjin Chen, Jia Chen, Jianqiao Liu* and Xingxu Huang*. Correction of the Marfan Syndrome pathogenic FBN1 mutation by base editing in human cells and heterozygous embryos. Mol Ther, 2018, 26: 2631-2637

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