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Synthesis killed the cloning star♭♭I personally think DNA synthesis will eventually kill molecular cloning which is sad because It's a satisfying process to do and my strongest skill. Who has not felt like a cloning star after finding the correct insert in your Macrogen trace ...Learn More

What are the necessary components of a plasmid?The plasmid used for cloning and expression usually including three major components:1. Replicon: Also known as the replication initiation region, it contains genetic factors that control the origin of plasmid DNA replication and ...Learn More

As for now, 12,170,570 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in over 210 countries. The conditions are far from satisfactory. The virus appears to spread fast from person to person. How can we stay safe during the battle against COVID-19 pandemic, which could possibly last ...Learn More

The personalized diagnostic is an important part of personalized medicine. Personalized diagnostics refers to the personalized analysis of patients through genome sequencing, proteome analysis, and other methods, and then to customize the best treatment plan for patients. Cancer ...Learn More

Before we talk about how vaccines work, we need to understand what immunity is.Our immune system can recognize foreign invaders, also called an antigen, and produces antibodies against it. The first time the body encounters an antigen, it can take several days for your body to ...Learn More