GenSmartTM DNA Construct Design Tool

The map visualization in MolecularCloud is made possible by GenScript’s GenSmartTM Design tool. GenSmartTM Design is a free construct design tool developed based on a part-driven design and an advanced algorithm capable of integrating all cloning criteria with molecular biology databases. Through an easy drag-and-drop feature, and built-in cloning strategies and access to libraries of massive vector and parts, GenSmartTM Design allows researchers to design, annotate and edit any desired construct. This powerful tool enables any user, regardless of their area or level of expertise, to get off to a quick start in biology research.


  • An easy-to-use interface for all researchers regardless of their area or level of expertise

  • Free access to archived data and trusted parts databases

  • Streamlined parts selection & cloning strategy through a drag-and-drop feature

  • Automatic error-checking in all steps of the process