Gino Cingolani

Gino’s lab uses biophysical, biochemical and cellular techniques to study the structure and function of biological macromolecules. By employing rigorous chemical and physical methodologies to solve medically-relevant problems, Dr. Cingolani helps to decipher the most fundamenta  More...

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Thomas Jefferson University

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Cell biology 1
Synthetic biology 1
Nucleocytoplasmic Transport 0
Viral Genome Ejection and Packaging 0
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Selected Publications

Mitra, A., Ko, YH., Cingolani, G., and Niederweis, M. (2019) Heme and hemoglobin utilization by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Nature Commun. 10(1):4260. PMCID:PMC6751184

Dedeo, C.L., Cingolani G., Teschke, C.M. (2019) Portal Protein: The Orchestrator of Capsid Assembly for the dsDNA Tailed Bacteriophages and Herpesviruses. Annu Rev Virol. (6)1:141-160. PMCID:

Cingolani, G., McCauley, M., Lobley, A., Bryer, A.J., Wesolowski, J., Greco, D.L., Lokareddy, R.K., Ronzone, E., Perilla, J.R. and Paumet, F. (2019) Structural basis for the homotypic fusion of chlamydial inclusions by the SNARE-like protein IncA. Nature Commun. 10(1):2747. PMCID: PMC6588587

Sharp, A.K., Lu, XJ., Cingolani, G. and Harvey S.C. (2019) DNA Conformational Changes Play a Force-Generating Role during Bacteriophage Genome Packaging. Biophys J. 116(11):2172-2180. PMCID: PMC6554637

Florio T., Lokareddy R.K., Gillilan R. and Cingolani, G. (2019) Molecular architecture of the inositol phosphatase Siw14. Biochemistry. 58(6):534-545. PMCID: PMC6526948

Sankhala RS, Lokareddy RK, Begum S, Pumroy RA, Gillilan RE, Cingolani G. Three-dimensional context rather than NLS amino acid sequence determines importin α subtype specificity for RCC1. Nat Commun. 2017;8(1):979.

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