Changhao Bi
Dr. Bi’s research focuses on the development of cellular bio-factories by genetic editing and metabolically engineering microbial strains. Recently his focus has been to develop and optimize CRISPR based systems to create novel bioengineered strains. One of his developments was an electroporation-based CRISPR system for the Ralstonia eutropha, a bacterium that is normally limited to genetically engineer. His lab has also worked to develop a novel gRNA-free CRISPR based system, CAGO, which can be used in PAM-free/CRISPR-tolerant gene regions and displaying low off-target activity. Through his developments, Dr. Bi aims to engineers these strains to create products ranging from chemical feedstock, biofuels, to natural products as medicines.
Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Sheng Yang, PhD
Biocatalyst engineering, Microbial genome editing, CRISPR/Cas system development
Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS
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Roger Innes, PhD
Eukaryotic Cell Biology, Cytoskeleton, and Signaling; Microbial Interactions and Pathogenesis; Plant Molecular Biology
Indiana University-Bloomington
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