First Author Conversations

A collection of podcasts covering the latest high-impact, peer-reviewed publications in life science. Listen to the authors talking about their studies and stories behind the scenes.

This is the first episode of MolecularCloud Pioneer Scientist interview series. In this interview, MolecularCloud talks with Prof. Shuo Huang from Nanjing University about the recent publications of Dr. Huang’s team and the future prospect of biological nanopore technology. The ...Learn More

More than 40 million people are infected with HIV. While the rate of new infections has decreased, and effective antiretroviral drug therapy is available, resource-poor settings in regions of the developing may limit the access to lifesaving drugs. Hence, in the absence of drug ...Learn More

Cell-based therapies against cancer are becoming more common. Many of those rely on manipulation of T-cells. Is it possible to select a population of T-cells that are more vigorous and better at killing tumor cells? In this episode, Tracy interviews Suman Vodnala about inducing ...Learn More

Synthetic biology shows promise in areas as diverse as food and fuels. Nathan Hillson from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Joint BioEnergy Institute and his team recently published a paper in ACS Synthetic Biology titled, Parallel Integration and Chromosomal Expansion of ...Learn More

 There is already some evidence that successful immunotherapy is probably connected with reactivity against neo-antigens. But can we identify a population of T-cells whose receptors are specific to those antigens and take further advantage of those to create more effective ...Learn More